Monday, May 25, 2015

Rants, raves, and a couple more delicious recipes

So I was going to write and post this last night, but with all the storms, flooding and evacuations, it's been so busy. Now the threat of flooding has passed, kind of. It's still busy. Being a mom of two never gives you any downtime. I seriously tip my hat to anyone and everyone who is a parent. Seriously, it gets tough. Then there are days like yesterday when I work out in front of my three year old and he sees me having so much fun, he decides to join in and work out with me instead of screaming and crying. 

Yesterday I got up and made the most delicious breakfast. I had oatmeal with a sliced banana and half of a pomegranate. I also had some honeydew melon on the side, but my kids decided it was way too yummy and ate half of all of it for me. The best thing about it was the whole meal was under 300 calories and still had a good amount of protein. It was so filling I could only eat half. That's a full, nutritious breakfast for 150 calories. I would have added a tbs of chia seeds to it for more nutrients but with the unexpected trip to my mom's house I didn't grab those. Well, I guess I know for next time. There will be a next time. 

Let me tell you, while this journey to health has started out easier than my last few times, this one has kicked my butt the hardest. My exercise regime is just pure and simple dailyburn programs once a day, then rigorous cleaning, walking and some yoga at the end of the night to get everything loose and limber and calm down before bed. The true beginner program with dailyburn has kicked my but every single day. I don't think my legs have ever burned so much in my life. The ab workout was good on my abs, I finished both in one day since I was feeling froggy, but seriously, sign up for a free trial and do one workout a day. You don't have to plan your own workout, they show you exactly what to do and options to customize it to your fitness level and it's so easy to follow along. It's been working so well for me. I was supposed to weigh myself yesterday but after talking with my husband, I know that if I weigh myself now and don't see any weight loss, or even more horrifying, I see weight gains, it won't be beneficial to me. So I'm waiting until next week. So far, I've been on task with eating right and exercising every day, I think that counts more than any number the scale gives me. It's about starting a healthy lifestyle, then losing weight in the process. Not losing weight to start a healthy lifestyle. 

My lunch yesterday didn't go as planned either. I ended up making roasted cabbage, broccoli and asparagus with Alfredo sauce over some quinoa. It was supposed to have some chicken pieces that I'd pre-cooked. Yea, I couldn't find that chicken anywhere. Can't even find the crock I'd cooked it in. That was my favorite baking dish too, so that was upsetting. Even without the chicken, this meal was so yummy. It had plenty of green veggies and protein from natural whole grains. I made a huge 9x13 dish of it and it was all gobbled up by everyone before an hour had passed. So I know it wasn't my bias lol it was very tasty and another meal under 300 calories. I think it came in at 299, but still that's under 300!

This morning I felt so awful. I usually wake up now every single day at 4 or 5 a.m. Even without an alarm. I would never have dreamed in a million years I'd ever be a morning person. But there I was, waking every day before the birds and working out about 3 hours later after my son went off to school, and falling asleep by 9. When in the world did that happen? It's amazing how well your body adapts to a healthier lifestyle once you start fueling yourself properly. It's truly amazing. All you have to do is get up every day and work for it. I know how hard it is. This is probably more than my 10th attempt to be healthier, I tried to do it for my kids, I tried again for my husband and our *ahem* bedroom life... I'd even tried again while I was pregnant the second time for the little life growing inside me because I had a choice when he didn't. I tried for me, because I wasn't happy with me. Every time I failed. None of it was motivating to me. The reason was, I was trying for everyone else. I was convinced everyone else would benefit from me being healthier. I wasn't doing it solely for me. So I could make excuses to not do right. Well, the kids would rather eat ramen and hot dogs instead of whole grains and vegetables so I won't cook healthy, or the kids need my attention right now, so I'll work out later, or the worst one yet , I'm too tired from taking care of everyone else I don't have time to take care of myself. Ok, moms, wives, every woman, man or child out there reading this right now, taking care of everyone else around you before taking care of your own health, that doesn't do anyone any good. No one. If I had continued on that path, would I have made it to my youngest son's wedding day? Probably not. I was that unhealthy. Who does that benefit? Sure you spent every last breath making sure your spouse and kids were taken care of, but you were left out and now you're gone, who does that help? No one. So, if you're like I was, thinking after everything and everyone is happy then you can make yourself happy, you will never get there. Let the kids play in another room for just 30 minutes while you sweat. Let your spouse clean the kitchen while you take a shower or bath to clean off that sweat. Take care of yourself and make yourself happy. I guarantee once you take a few minutes a day to work on you, everyone else around you will be ok. The kids will still be fed and loved, the pets will still be fed and walked, the housecleaning will still get done, and you'll be healthier. It starts with a mentality. You have to take care of you. I promise you can't get to where you want to be putting yourself on the back burner. Remember that. You deserve it. 

Now gear up, put on some music and just work. You'll thank me later.