Saturday, May 30, 2015

Too long, but progress

It's been way too long since I posted. Just an update. I have lost 8 lbs over the last two weeks. That's a pretty healthy loss. Recommended weight loss is about three pounds every two weeks, but since I'm so overweight, I think this is just shedding a little quicker. I'm happy with my results so far. I was in the shower just last night and I could pinch my belly handles. Yes, my gut was so big and protruding that I couldn't pinch it, now it is pinchable. That's cause for celebration in itself. 

I haven't really denied myself any certain food group. I really don't believe that crash diets or diets that involve all kinds of restrictions are a healthy, long term way to lose weight. What I have done is eat moderate proportions and made sure my protein and carb and healthy fat and sugar intake were all properly adjusted. This means a higher intake of proteins, a good amount of carbs, I know they're scary but honestly if you're working out properly your body needs those for energy and to turn those proteins into muscle which burn more fat than regular, well... fat. And I've also cut down on the fats, bad fats, to an all time minimum. This doesn't mean I restrict them, just watch out for overly processed foods and go with a healthier fat option. This means choosing almonds for a snack over a Twinkie. Today, I decided for my progress of 8 whole pounds!!!! I'm making a chocolate cake from scratch. Icing and all. I'm only having one slice out of the whole thing but I'm sure my two boys and my brother and sister will finish it off for me hahaha. 

I made the recipe from a Pinterest post I'd found. Here's the link to it 
Not sure how it tastes so far, it's still baking in the oven, but I will update you later. Remember, getting a healthier lifestyle isn't about restricting everything tasty. If my blogs to come are read, a healthy diet can be ├╝ber tasty and fun. Getting healthy needs to be fun for you. If it's not, change it up. This is for you and you deserve it. Have a slice of cake after a few weeks every once in a while. Remember that you have to work out every single day. You do that and eat right, you'll be losing weight. I'm living proof. 

Also, in a few weeks, I'll have a guest poster, my friend Brandi has graciously accepted to write a blog post about her journey with weight loss and PCOS.  She is a huge inspiration to me and I hope an inspiration to you as well. Keep up the work people. I hVe faith in you.